It is a great thing that we shifted from the traditional hand wash to the modern washing machines. With this, you get to have some time for yourself and get clean clothes in a matter to time. When you are investing in these miracle machines, it is essential that you carefully look after your washing machines to avoid any big service maintenance and improve its life. In this post, let us look at ways to care for your washing machines properly.

The water hoses sometimes bulge, fray, leak or crack around the ends. You need to check for these things with water hoses. It is also a good practice to replace these hoses every 3 or 5 years with new ones. There should be at least 4 inches gap between the washing machine and the wall. This significantly avoids kinking the water hoses.

Tips to Looks After Washing Machine


  • It is important to clean the drawers that hold detergent and softener. Often, washing machines use the required detergent, and some residue is left over. When this residue builds up over time, it causes an unpleasant smell, blocks the path, and does not wash clothes effectively. When cleaning the drawers, you need to be careful and clean all the corners and edges where the detergent tend to stay. Clean them with hot water so that no mold forms.
  • The filter that is present in the washing machine holds the fluff, threads or anything that is left in pockets. To make this filter work perfectly and effectively, it needs cleaning regularly. To clean the filter, you need to make sure the machine is off first. Then, open the filter door and take the filter out. It would help if you pulled out all that is collected in the filter. All you need to do then is to soak the filter in some hot water and then rinse it and put it inside the machine.
  • The washing machine needs to be cleaned quite often to clean the bacteria that might get collected inside the drums. The soap residue is also not good. To clean it perfectly, you can buy some cleaner suitable for washing machines or use vinegar to do the work naturally. Pour around 500ml of vinegar inside the drum and run the machine, set it to hot wash. You can use the clean drum option to clean the washing machine once in a month by itself. Also, use the vinegar and cotton to clean the edges or seal of the washing machine.
  • Once you complete washing in the washing machine, you need to keep the door of the washing machine wide open to allow some fresh air inside the washing machine. This helps with mildew and odors.
  • Using an appropriate amount of detergent and type is very important for washing machines to stay healthy. Too much detergent can leave behind residue on clothes and inside the machines causing damage to the washer.

These are some of the ways that you can use to keep your washing machines in perfect shape.

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