There are some who are gifted with soft, silky tresses that will always look gorgeous. There are others who find it a nightmare to handle frizzy, unmanageable hair. The cosmetic products in the market assure you of lovely and lush hair with shampoos, conditioners, revitalizing hair treatments and serums. With all these promises made one should be aware of the treatments available and to decide which one suits you the best.

8 Must Know Facts About Hair Smoothening

The cost of smoothening varies with the length of the hair to be smoothened and the brand used. Never try to compromise on the cost of treatment as you are doing it only once so might as well do it right! Remember you are paying for the time and experience of the hairstylist and the brand used.

1. Hair Smoothening vs Hair Straightening

Though both processes need to be treated with chemicals there is a small difference in the results. Straightening results in a complete makeover of hair which are straightened permanently till the hair grows. Whereas, smoothening is a process of improving the hair texture, making it manageable that falls naturally. So both are good and one has to choose between the two while visiting the salon.

2. Easy to Care and Hassle Free

Once the curls are smoothened in the salon you will be spending lesser time on blow drying and setting your hair as the smoothening technique gives a natural bounce. It is very easy to set it the way you want to wear your hair irrespective of the length and thickness.

3. Post Smoothening Care

Once the hair is smoothened make sure you follow the instructions given by the hair stylist to maintain and make it look the best for a longer duration. Shampooing, drying and ironing the hair is part of the taming process. The hairstylist says “NO, NO” to washing hair for the first three days. So it is essential to take good care of your hair to enhance the luster.


4. Understand the Process

Be curious about the chemicals that go into the hair and find out if you have other healthier options now that the world is looking at organic and green ingredients. Try to learn about the nontoxic options and go for it!

5. Go For Good Brand

Do use the best brands as they never compromise on quality. A good brand that is time tested and of very high quality should be used. Consult your hairstylist for the best available product in the market.

6. Side Effects of Treating Hair

Though hair treatment for smoothening is chemical based, doing it once or twice is not harmful. Once the hair is smoothened it stays that way permanently. Only the hair that grows after the treatment will have the natural properties. A caution on too many treatments is made by the stylists and fewer the treatments, the better.


7. At Home Smoothening Kits

These products are effective but are not permanent. They are good to go for a month and not more than that. A salon treated smoothening treatment will have awesome results even though it is costly it will have a long-lasting effect on you tresses.

8. Worth the Money

The finish and transformation of a well-treated hair make you look gorgeous which matters at the end of the day! The process is a keratin treatment where the chemical breaks the bonds of natural curls and making them straighter by giving it form. The heat ironing strengthens and gives a permanent effect on the bouncing hair. Once you figure out the pros and cons of smoothening and the desire to have a lovely, shining crowning glory, just go for it!

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